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Shipping is free to many countries, with some exceptions. For orders being shipped to countries without free shipping eligibility, the additional cost will be applied to and sent as part of the estimate once the quote is requested. Click here to view our shipping information.

Although the prices listed on the website are for orders with a quantity of 100 or more, you can order as few as five items. Please note that some products/accessories do not qualify for these criteria.
For each item in the order with a quantity less than 100, additional printing and production costs will apply.

We offer specialized products, many of which are custom made based on your requirements. Once we get your inquiry and we have spoken with you, we are able to understand your needs better and work to make the right estimate product for you. This way we ensure to include everything you need on the invoice.

Rush order / Pre-Designed Cards - Once the proof is approved, the cards will be delivered to the destination in approximately 2-3 weeks. Depending on the country, the delivery may take extra time due to customs and processing.
Custom Designer Cards - Once the proof is approved, the cards will be delivered to the destination in approximately 3-4 weeks. Depending on the country, the delivery may take extra time due to customs and processing.


Rush order invitations are pre-designed cards that cannot be customized with regards to paper, color, and existing designs. However they can be personalized with your choice of wording, symbols etc. to make it the way you would like for your specific occasion.
All cards listed as ACR, MCR, JVR, JVRL, JVRLH, JVRLP, or JVRH are from our Pre-Design collections and can be customized.

Designer cards are cards that are fully customizable. Their paper, color, and designs can all be changed. Additionally, they can be mixed and matched with other designs or styles if needed. Their prices are subject to change when being customized (only color or print changes have small effects on the pricing). For example, if you like a particular card and do not like the color or designs, the card can be edited.
Our Designer cards are coded as ACD, AM, AMH, AMHL, AML, DPC, DPCH, DPCB.

The papers we use for our invitations can be a metallic or matte finish. We have three kinds of thickness that we give to our invitations to justify their aesthetic and monetary value.

Signature: This is the normal 250GSM card stock paper.
Deluxe: This is double the thickness of Signature, or approximately 500GSM.
Premium: These are heavy back, hard base cards which have a more premium feel and look.

We have a collection of fabric, beads, fancy gift bags, envelopes, gift products, and ornaments that are readily available to be shipped anywhere within the USA. These products are ready to buy, without any changes or customizing. If you like anything and want us to special order, please do ask, we have the resources to arrange for additional products as our clients need.

All our invitations come with an outer envelope and either only one insert or a folder which holds two inserts. Each card’s page clearly mentions what is included with the cards. Additional inserts and add-ons can be ordered for any of our invitations for an extra fee.

For Designer Custom cards since we make them from scratch, every stationery ordered with them is made with same papers and designs.If made for a Pre-Designed card the Stationery will be closely matched, with similar paper and designs. Sometimes we get lucky and find same paper and designs and sometimes we find something very close. Either ways it turns out beautiful!.

Yes!! You can order whatever you need from us, we will make what you need and try to match it with what you already have ordered even if it is from elsewhere.


1) After selecting your desired products, complete the submit quote request form so we can provide you with exact details and costs. Please mention all relevant details to help us assist you better.
2) Once we receive your quote request we will send you an estimated invoice. This invoice will include the shipping costs if your place of residence is not eligible for free shipping. To see if you are eligible, check our Shipping Information Page here.
3) For any order with a quantity of less than 100, additional product and designing charges will apply. These extra fees will be included in the invoice.
4) After we receive your inquiry, we usually get back to you by email within 24 hours.

We have a very limited supply of our designs since many of them are custom made. Therefore, we cannot sell our samples, and can only send them to be viewed in exchange for a deposit which is refunded in full once they are returned. You can order samples within the USA/UK or even visit us in person by setting up an appointment. Once samples are returned, your deposit will be refunded in full or credited towards your invoice if you place an order. Postage for both ways is paid by the client. For clients in the US, prepaid return envelopes are available upon request.

Once you receive an invoice from us and approve it, you can click on the payment link and complete the order. Once we receive the payment, we will place the order and start the proof process. Upon receiving approval of the proof from you, the product will be manufactured and dispatched for delivery.

We do not facilitate online payment or checkout on our website. We send you a payment link separately along with the invoice. Once your order is confirmed and the estimate is accepted, you can make a payment using your credit/debit cards. Alternatively, you can pay with Zelle, Chase Quick Pay or Cash App to customerservice@raniti.com.

We accept the following modes of payment:

All major Debit / Credit cards
Chase QuickPay
Cash App

For all payments done online through major credit/debit cards/PayPal accounts, there will be a small fee of 3% on the total amount for USA payments and 4% on all International payments to cover our online payment processing charges on the total invoice amount being paid.
Alternatively to avoid additional online charges you can pay with:

Chase QuickPay
Cash App
Payment can be sent to our email at customerservice@raniti.com 


After your payment is received, we will begin the proof designing process. This process involves revisions made at your own discretion until you are satisfied. After approximately 2-3 weeks in production, the order should be ready to be dispatched.

We will send you a link which has many symbols and text options for you to select from. We require the wording from you in a Word document or in the email body with the codes of symbols you would like to use. Based on your inputs, our designers will create and send you the proof in the required dimensions (card size) via email. You can suggest changes as required, and we will re-work the proofs until you are satisfied. Once we receive your written approval, we will send it for production/printing. Revisions can be done at a max of 7 times only. After that, every revision will be charged. We strongly recommend you print the proofs each time you receive one. This way, you can thoroughly examine them and send us a list of revisions to be done at once for maximum efficiency.

Once the order goes into processing, we will confirm the delivery address and details with you and give you an ETD (Estimated Time of Delivery). After the products are shipped out, we will send you the tracking number ASAP for you to keep track of your order.

Our main delivery carriers are FedEx, DHL, and TNT. The usual delivery time is 3-5 working days. For some countries, there may be a delay of 2-3 days due to processing. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many shipments are delivered late. Therefore, please be prepared to wait an extra 5-6 days for the product to arrive

VAT, or Value Added Tax, is a variable tax which changes based on the product’s assessed value. It also changes based on each individual country's regulations and policies. It is the client’s responsibility to pay for VAT charges - Raniti LLC is not responsible for a client’s VAT charge.

For any further questions you might have that are not listed above please contact us at info@raniti.com